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Hello, hello! So, it's been a while. University started hectic and I'm sure it shall remain hectic in the months to come. Thus, the blog may be taking something of a backseat whilst I wade through pages of dissertation research, run a university society and try to retain a social life. But I did want to check in to essentially plug a little something my housemate, Jonny and I are working on.
I realise the surprise of this is somewhat spoilt by the title of this post but do humour me with a drum roll all the same...
We've started a podcast! When you find that having an analytical discussion of The Great Gatsby at a jazz bar at 11pm is barely unusual for the two of you, the only thing for it is to start a series, right? So, 12 Questions was born. The premise is that we have 12 set questions that remain the same for every episode, and we apply them to various pieces of media.

Our first episode is on the 2001 musical Urinetown which I hope is still an enjoyable listen whether or not you're familiar with the work. On Monday, we'll be publishing our episode on the 2000 film Chicken Run and the week after sees The Killers' 2004 debut album Hot Fuss get the 12-question treatment.

You can find us on YouTube and Soundcloud, and we look forward to bringing you plenty of our "incisive" commentaries over the coming months.

To put faces to voices, here's a swing dance photo in which I still don't understand how Jonny's foot got there.

YouTube: [link]
Soundcloud: [link]

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