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Last night, I attended the press launch of Sheffield's first ever board game café, down on Boston Street (near the St Mary's Gate Aldi and Waitrose). Being just out of town gives it more of an air of being a hidden nook in the city of Sheffield, and it certainly sits in a convenient location for us - I imagine my housemates and I will probably pop by it on our way to Aldi some days!

Upon arrival, we were instantly greeted by some very friendly staff. Unlike stepping into some restaurants though, I really got the sense that they were friendly and enthusiastic because they were genuinely passionate about this place, not because they were being paid to look jolly. The thing that really grabs you as you enter though is the wall of board games at the back of the venue.Shelves upon shelves of games, with different-shaped and coloured boxes providing a mismatched charm. My housemate and I grabbed one of the first to catch our eye (after a lot of "ooh! I love this game, thank goodness we don't now have to buy it on Amazon for ourselves!") and headed over to a table.

Our first game of choice was Tokaido, a very calm and relaxing game with gorgeous artwork - really just what I needed after such a busy week. After we'd finished, a staff member came over to us and asked what we'd like to play next. We asked for something a bit more fast-paced, still for two players, and he kindly brought over two options and explained our first choice (Patchwork) to us really thoroughly. After that, he came and explained the next game, Santorini, just as thoroughly.


I tried out a couple of food samples and was treated to a complimentary non-alcoholic beer. It's always nice to see places catering for the tee-total, and the food samples included a good selection of omnivorous options and vegan options, too. I tried out a salmon and cream cheese bagel and little pie made up of chicken, ham and stuffing. Both were absolutely gorgeous and so flavoursome. If that's a good representation of what's to come in Treehouse menus then I'll certainly be back!

After a 33-player game of Two Rooms and a Boom that got all the guests involved, and a four-player game of Flamme Rouge (a staff member kindly led us to new board game partners), we'd had a hugely sociable evening: chatting with new people and trying out new board games. Perhaps it was the launch party talking, but I really got a great sense of community from the Treehouse. Everyone was so welcoming and I can really see it becoming a wonderful haven from the bustle of city life. Even if you're not a board game person, I believe this place really could change your mind with its wonderful atmosphere (fun fact: before proofreading, this said "Even if you're not a board game", which I don't think Treehouse could actually change your mind on!)

But my favourite part of it might well have been beating my housemate, three games in a row.

The Treehouse Board Game Cafe is located on Boston Street in Sheffield and is open for business! You can check them out online here. I'd also like to say a huge thank you to the lovely owners for inviting me along to the launch!
* All opinions are genuine and my own, as ever.

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