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Somehow, in all my 20 years of life, I had never actually seen Legally Blonde. But a few nights ago, one of my housemates and I decided it was high time we had a movie night, so, wrapped in fluffy blankets and armed with snacks and decaffeinated tea, we stumbled upon Legally Blonde on Netflix. We soon discovered that this film is absolutely brilliant and that we'd been missing out for far too long. I found myself rooting for Elle so so much throughout the film and absolutely loving everything about her character. As I'm really (really, really) late to the party on this film, I figured a review would be quite redundant. Instead, I decided to write about why I love Elle's character so much and why we should all be more like her.

She shuts down the 'beauty or brains' dichotomy
My favourite example is probably the one in a really early scene when the dress-seller tries to sell her a last season dress for full price. Elle catches her out with clever questions and leaves the dress-seller dumbfounded that she couldn't trick the 'ditsy blonde' into forking out her father's cash.

She looks out for the other women around her
Throughout the whole film, particularly in her relationship with Paulette and with Brooke, Elle is hugely compassionate towards her fellow women. She goes out of her way to help them and support them and it's this level of collective girl power that really warms my heart in a film. She's so keen to use her skills (be it the bend and snap or her prowess as a lawyer) for the betterment and happiness of others, rather than selfishly advancing only herself.

She's kind to Vivian even though she has every reason not to be
Let's be honest, Vivian is really rather mean to Elle for a pretty big chunk of the film, and - to stick the knife in even further - she's engaged to Warner. But when Vivian comes and compliments her on keeping Brooke's alibi secret, Elle doesn't turn her away and in fact makes an effort to make Vivian feel really welcome and to strike up a friendly bond between them.

She uses her typically 'female' knowledge for good
The scene where she gets the confession out of Brooke's stepdaughter is just so brilliant. Although everyone else in the court-room sighs at this blonde female lawyer talking all about hair perms, she shocks them all by using what many would dismiss as trivial knowledge to prove her client's innocence and completely close the murder case. This again goes against the beauty/brains dichotomy as who'd have thought a knowledge of hair and beauty products could be so instrumental in a court of law? Elle Woods, that's who.

She works hard and is determined to get where she wants to get
Even though she does get into Harvard Law School just to get Warner back, it's hugely impressive that she manages to get her LSAT scores up so high and how much work she puts into it all. Whilst everyone laughs at her blonde hair and assumes she'll never get into Harvard, she gets in without cheating (unlike the arrogant Warner) and when she finally leaves Warner behind, she sets herself up for a brilliant career after graduation, through a wonderfully fierce determination.

Elle really struck me as such a strong character who won't allow other people's perceptions of her to define her, and who won't resort to unkindness to get her own way. Elle is a shining example of why women should work together and support each other, and how much hard work and compassion can really help you achieve.

In conclusion, I just really love Legally Blonde now.

Who's your favourite chick-flick leading lady? Let me know in the comments!

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