Hello! I'm Paris and I'm from the East Midlands of the UK. I'm currently studying a BA in History at the University of Sheffield and am in my third year. My hobbies include swing dance, theatre-going and board games, and I'm a big fan of Disney too. My blog covers lots of my interests and experiences, such as student life, history, books and the occasional bit of short-haul travel.

Why is the blog called 71 Feather Street?
Feather Street is a rough translation of Rue Plumet, which is the street in Paris that Valjean and Cosette briefly live on in Les Misérables (my favourite musical). 71 refers to 1871, the year of French history I'll be doing my dissertation on. The name happily combines my love for musical theatre and history, whilst also referencing the city of Paris which of course I share my name with.